Take part in CPRE’s annual star count – Brightling, East Sussex – village website
A young man, woman and a dog sit side by side in a dark garden and look upwards at the stars

A message from CPRE, the Countryside charity

For two weeks in February and March 2022, we’re again asking for your help in looking up at the heavens. Can you help us by counting stars to measure our dark skies?

We think that dark and starry skies are a special part of our countryside. Nothing beats looking upwards to see velvety blackness, with twinkling constellations as far as the eye can see.

Our buildings and roads emit light, though, and this can affect our view of truly dark skies. We want to make sure that we can all enjoy starlit nights, and we need your help in measuring what effect light is having on our views of the galaxy. Star Count 2022 is coming! Sign up now to take part between 26 Feb – 6 Mar. Sign up now

Full details on CPRE’s website