Keeping up with what’s going on

This website

If you want to get an email everytime there is a news posting to this website, visit the home page and fill in your details in the section headed “Keep up to date with Brightling news”. You will get a confirmation email where you need to confirm that you want to get emails from this website. Once you have signed up, you will get roughly one email per week on average. This is a very good way of keeping in touch.

Each email contains a working unsubscribe link so you can stop them any time.

If you would like to become a regular contributor to this website, please email New contributors would be extremely welcome.

Calendar on this website

Also on the home page is the calendar of events. This is kept up-to date. Tech-savvy Google calendar users may wish to import the Brightling calendar into their own calendar, using this iCal link. (if this means nothing to you, ignore it).

If you are a regular organizer of events in Brightling, and you would like to update the calendar yourself, please email with a request to be added to the list of people who can update the calendar.


There is a Facebook group “Dallington, Woods Corner and Brightling Community” It is a private group; message the organizer if you would like to join.


Nextdoor is a little bit like Facebook, but specifically organized around neighbourhoods, eg you can only join the Brightling Nextdoor group if you actually live in Brightling. Once you have joined you can chat to other members, post questions and announcements, bought and sold etc. It is perhaps the best place to put things like “lost cat”, “does anyone know a good plumber” etc. Nextdoor does tend to send you a lot of emails, but you can tweak the settings to reduce them to a minimum.

Regular events

Flower show – takes place every year in July. One of the highlights of the Brightling year.

Robertsbridge Arts Partnership – regular events in Zoom or real life

Village Cafe/market – 10:00 to 12:00 noon on the last Saturday of the month from March to October. Meeting inside and outside

Village calendar