Rubbish and recycling

black-bin1 The bin-emptying service is the responsibility of Rother District Council.

Missed bins can be reported on-line at

To find out when your bin day is, visit

To sign up for Rother’s “My alerts” service, go to This will send you a weekly email which not only reminds you which bin to put out this week, but also other useful information such as any new planning applications near where you live, local events, and so

General information about Rother’s rubbish and recycling services at


  1. oneoffevents
    24th July 2017 @ 12:42 pm

    Yet again we have had no rubbish collection last Monday 17th July. Council promised that it would be collected, but as at 24th July no collection and when our recycling was collected today, very helpful dustmen said that their bin broke down and on Tuesday when it was operative again, they offered to collect and catch up, but Supervisor said no and that he was dealing with things!


  2. oneoffevents
    1st August 2017 @ 8:45 am

    Here we are, 1st august, again with no rubbish collection yesterday! Why do the recycling days always go smoothly and the household rubbish with its smells after 2 weeks, always seems to be the problem? Off to report to the council – lost count how many times this year….J & G Beard


  3. oneoffevents
    1st August 2017 @ 12:41 pm

    Well, here’s service! On our way out just past the village hall we saw our usual dustman coming towards us, so we flagged him down and he asked whether we had had our collection yesterday. When we said ‘no’, he immediately said he would drive down to our house and collect it. We have just got home and found that he did indeed collect.


  4. oneoffevents
    29th August 2017 @ 9:59 am

    Here we are again with no rubbish collection. Perhaps our blog address of oneoffevents should be changed to frequentevents! Yesterday we were missed again – always the household collection, never the recycling. We have reported it on the telephone this time in the hope that it may have more effect.


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