Planned roadworks are “booked” into a national system, which has a superb website:

From this website you can find all the forthcoming roadworks – now, next week, or any time in the future.  The website is very well organised and it really does have the latest data, but it takes a tiny bit of effort to get the best out of it, so here are a few instructions. 

At, enter a nearby postcode (doesn’t have to be exact).  That should take you to a map, which you can zoom out to see a wider local area, as in the picture opposite.

When you first go into it shows results with Date Filter = today, in other words roadworks which are happening now.  This may or may not be what you want.  To see future planned roadworks, use “Customize my map”.  This brings up a little window headed “Map layers” and if you select one or more of the headings such as “Road closures and diversions” you can then choose to see roadworks at future dates (the calendar icon allows you to select any range).

This only scratches the surface of what you can do with  For example you can sign up for email alerts.  You can select a particular roadworks to get full details.  All sorts of stuff.