Potholes and highways issues – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

Roads maintenance is by East Sussex County Council who, in April 2016, let a new 7 year contract with a Joint Venture partnership (the JV) between CH2M and Costain to maintain all aspects of the highway including drainage, potholes, verge cutting, street lighting and much more.

Report a Highways problem.  You will receive an email acknowledgement of your report with its log number and will be able to track its progress.  Your report is evaluated by the JV team at Ringmer and assigned to road maintenance teams.  The teams plus the Highways Steward for Brightling are alerted to your report automatically on their hand held tablets.

Fly tipping is managed by Rother District Council.  Reporting fly tipping

Roadworks are managed as part of a national scheme. Detailed information about roadworks

Finally, the characteristic wooden black and white signposts you see at most road junctions in the rural areas are known as finger posts.  Sadly, current health and safety legislation deems them to be unsafe because they are not made of “passively safe” materials, i.e. oak!   So, East Sussex Highways are unable to install any new ones.  However, they are able to maintain the current stock but, having seen their budget cut by 40% over the last 7 years (this is what ‘austerity’ really means to everyone), they now share the cost of maintenance, including complete renewal, with your Parish Council on a 50/50 basis. 

It is in all our interests, therefore, to look after them to keep the cost of repairs and renewals to a minimum.  The Parish Council has compiled a map showing where our fingerposts are and giving each one a number.  Road names as we know them have been added and East Sussex Highways own system of road numbering is there too.  Click below to download or see the map.