Calling all gardeners: bring and buy plant sales – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

A message from Vanessa Everett

There will be two Bring and Buy Plant Sales  this year. They will be at the Village Cafes on April 30th and May 27th. So the first is NEXT Saturday! The proceeds, which usually go to the Brightling Flower Show, will, this year, be going towards humanitarian work in the Ukraine.

The bringing of plants is essential to the success of these sales  – so if you are potting up seedlings or dividing you perennials, please bring us any surplus!

Although I never know what is going to turn up, I do know that next Saturday we will have some sturdy tomato plants of several varieties, some bedding plants  and succulents.  In May, there will be more tomatoes, courgettes squashes, dahlias and lots more bedding and perennials.

Please come and support  us.

Vanessa Everett

PS  The best way of recycling black plastic is to reuse it. If you have any of the 8 or 6 plant trays  of the sort you buy bedding plants in, I would very much like to have them for use in the May sale. Small plant pots would also be useful (8-10 cm) but no  big  plant pots this year please, as I am still working through those you brought along last year.