Petition opposing the planned speed limit increase on the A21 through John’s Cross and past Mountfield Heath and Vinehall Schools. – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

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There have been five serious accidents in the last 12 months on 16 Oct 22, 24 Jan 23, 16 Mar 23, 18 June 23 and 27 Oct 23, two of which were sadly fatal.

The children at Mountfield Heath School have complex needs, meaning that they have limited danger awareness.  A faster road will increase the danger posed to these young children.  Sometimes vehicles travel at speed down the slip road towards the school thinking they can bypass the roundabout, and many near misses have occurred here. 

Sussex Police classify John’s Cross as a high risk section of road. Section 7 of the Government Guidelines states that the set speed limit should be the maximum speed vehicles should be driven at, not the minimum.

Over 14,000 vehicles (Geo report) use this stretch of road every day, and the speed motorists travel at is a danger to everyone. 

The petition is supported by the local MP, district, county and parish councillors, plus Surrey and Sussex Police and Road Safety and Traffic Management Team.

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The petition will be presented to National Highways by Huw Merriman MP and made known to the Department of Transport and to East Sussex County Council.