Environment: Policy and Strategy – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

This environment strategy was formally adopted by the Parish Council on Wednesday 16 September 2020.


The Parish Council recognises that a climate emergency has been declared nationally and by Rother District Council within which Brightling sits.


Brightling Parish Council aims to carry out its activities with environmental efficiency, actively seeking to protect and enhance the local environment and biodiversity within its area of operation whilst endeavouring to ensure wider adverse environmental impact does not occur as a result.


As far as possible, subject to the resources, financial capabilities and legal powers and duties of the council, Brightling Parish Council will

  1. consider the impact its activities have on both climate change and biodiversity issues and will endeavour to introduce measures that either mitigate negative outcomes or actively support beneficial outcomes.
  2. subject to the needs of road safety, manage the timing and extent of roadside verge cutting so as to encourage and protect wildlife and biodiversity
  3. identify areas where trees could be planted on publicly-accessible land, and support the planting of trees thereon
  4. in commenting on planning applications, request that the highest reasonable standards of building efficiency are required, above and beyond the minimum requirements of the building regulations
  5. in commenting on planning applications, consider the wider environmental impact of the proposal including whether additional vehicle journeys will be generated
  6. continue to press for the provision of superfast broadband to the whole parish in order to minimize the need to travel for work and other services such as healthcare
  7. promote the provision of public electric vehicle charging points
  8. ensure safe walking,cycling, and horse riding routes within the parish are available
  9. consider the impact that the goods and services it procures, including the environmental commitment of its suppliers, has on the environment,
  10. seek to only use contractors and suppliers who have their own environmental policy, which is continually reviewed, up-dated and measured against recognised best practice
  11. support local businesses, particularly those providing local employment and services
  12. support initiatives for community energy projects, including sustainable energy sources and energy reduction strategies
  13. support local initiatives aimed at climate change and or, biodiversity protection or enhancement.
  14. discourage external lighting and follow the principles of the “dark skies” movement
  15. regularly update and improve standards in light of increased understanding and knowledge.
  16. respect and protect natural resources by practicing conservation and good management¸ particularly woodland management
  17. encourage parish council Members and employees to take responsibility for ensuring that the best environmental policy is used and adhered to at all times.