Parish council profile

Parish Council Profile

Number of Councillors 7
Meetings per year 6 plus Annual Parish Assembly
Average period between meetings 8 weeks
Usual venue for meetings Brightling Village Hall
Chairman Andrew Wedmore
Vice Chairman Caroline Croft
Planning Committee  All Councillors
Councillors Caroline Croft, Judy Petty, Dianne Mower, Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn, Jane Oxenford, Andrew Wedmore,  Roderick Wrenn
Statutory Functions
Churchyards Annual grant made to Brightling PCC towards maintenance of the churchyard.
Crime Prevention The expenses of Neighbourhood Watch Chief Co-ordinator are reimbursed by Council. The council consults and reports incidents to Sussex Police and has regular contact with the local PCSO.
School Governors School Governor Mrs Bobby Steel sends reports on Dallington School to Brightling Parish Council 3 times per year.
Rights of Way In partnership with ESCC, the council regularly checks footpaths and bridleways for clearance, surface condition, signage and bridge maintenance and reports to ESCC for work to be carried out. Limited clearance work undertaken by council.
Trees and Verges All councillors are registered as Tree Wardens, various training courses available. Overgrown hedgerows abutting highways are observed and landowners notified when cutting back of trees or hedges required, if no action taken reported to ESCC as Highways Authority have powers to serve notices for clearance. Reports damaged or missing furniture and signs to ESCC. Taken responsibility for maintenance and decoration (biannual programme) of traditional guideposts from ESCC who remain the ‘owners’.
Drainage Road drainage is responsibility of ESCC Highways, council regularly checks for blockages etc and informs ESCC as necessary.
Post and Telecoms Consulted by Post Office and BT regarding changes to services.
Buildings and Halls Supports the independent Village Hall Committee, appoints representative to the Committee (currently Cllr Jane Oxenford) who reports back to council. Gives financial support annually.
Planning Proposals Consulted by Rother District Council (RDC). Reports unauthorised work to RDC. Consulted by RDC/ESCC on planning strategies.
War Memorials Partner with PCC for maintenance/restoration as and when necessary.
Emergency Planning Responsible for drafting and maintaining Parish Emergency Plan and issuing to RDC/ESCC.
Community Benefit The council gives annual donations to various charities that provide a tangible benefit to the residents of Brightling. Currently they include Sussex Air Ambulance, St Michael’s Hospice, the Rural Rother Trust, Bexhill and Rother Citizens Advice Bureau and Sussex Victim Support.
Clerk Mrs Gilly Lowe
Council Office Old School House, Brightling, Robertsbridge TN32 5HH
Internal Auditor Keith Robertson, contact via Council Office
Subscribes to Sussex Association of Local Councils (NALC through SALC)
Rother Association of Local Councils (RALC)
Action in Rural Sussex
Key Relationships Cllr Eleanor Kirby-Green, RDC
Cllr John Barnes, ESCC
Mr D Stevens, Chief Executive, RDC
Sussex Police
High Weald AONB
Last updated 9 April 2021

Parish Councillor Lead Responsibilities

Broadband Cllr Andrew Wedmore
Crime, anti-social behaviour, police relationships Cllr Caroline Croft
Defibrillators Cllr Caroline Croft
Hedges overhanging highway Cllr Judy Petty
Phone box Cllr Jane Oxenford
Planning All Councillors
Potholes and road surface problems page4image2866010320Cllr Judy Petty
Refuse collection Cllr Caroline Croft
Road drainage Cllr Judy Petty
Signposts Cllr Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn
Trees Cllr Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn plus Tree Warden
Utilities (water and electricity) Cllr Lambert-Gorwyn
Village hall Cllr Jane Oxenford
Website Cllr Andrew Wedmore
Welcome packs Cllr Jane Oxenford



Parish Councillor Contact Details

Cllr  Caroline Croft  01424 838278‬
Cllr Judy Petty
Cllr Dianne Mower  ‬
Cllr Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn
Cllr Jane Oxenford
Cllr Andrew Wedmore  01424 838667
Cllr Rodderick Wrenn

Parish Councillor Registers of Interest

Cllr Caroline Croft Declaration
Cllr Judy Petty Declaration
Cllr Dianne Mower Declaration
Cllr Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn Declaration
Cllr Jane Oxenford  Declaration
Cllr Andrew Wedmore Declaration
Cllr Rodderick Wrenn Declaration


Meetings minutes and agendas – current year

Meetings minutes and agendas – prior years


  1. gary pilbeam
    8th January 2019 @ 10:35 am

    We live at Fullers Barn, opposite Sugar Loaf Yard (formerly Ajeers). We wonder whether you are aware that the car park area has now become a dumping site for old lorry tyres and canisters of vehicle paint and chemicals. We fear there is a potential for significant fly tipping as the area is hidden from the highway. I believe there is a right of way across the car park to adjacent land and there is a public footpath leading to the Sugar Loaf.
    I am informed that the site might have been purchased by the Park Lane Group although when I contacted them several months ago they denied being the owners.
    I wonder if you have had any dealings or knowledge over this matter. I don’t think Rother will be interested as it involves private land although the Environment Agency might. I can be contacted on 07780798778


  2. Clerk to Brightling Parish Council
    1st February 2019 @ 11:30 am

    Two comments on the fly tipping.
    First, the yard is in the parish of Dallington, not Brightling. You could contact the clerk –
    Second, you could report the fly tipping yourself at


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    17th March 2019 @ 8:32 am

    […] serious consideration.  If you are thinking about it but are not sure, you can, if you want to, contact me or any parish councillor to find out a bit more about what is […]


  4. Your new parish council – Brightling, East Sussex – village website
    2nd May 2019 @ 3:46 pm

    […] Readers with a degree in advanced arithmetic will have noticed that with 7 seats and 6 people, there is a vacancy for one more person. We do have the ability to “co-opt” to make up the numbers, so don’t be surprised if you see press-gangs roaming the streets of Brightling, looking for “volunteers”. Seriously, if you are interested in joining the Parish Council, do make yourself known to me or any parish councillor (contact details here). […]


  5. Alan
    24th March 2021 @ 10:34 am

    Good morning,
    I am not sure if this is the correct place to raise this issue, but I’m confident it will help.
    I live just outside of the beautiful village but walk through most days. During this time I am able to enjoy this beautiful part of the countryside.
    I have been increasingly concerned with the number of bonfires I see in and around the village. There is one property near the vicinity of the Fuller’s, on the other side of the road, which appears to have almost daily bonfires. At least two per week. I am incredibly passionate about maintaining the health of our environment. I would ask that the parish council emphasize the impact of regular, or poorly managed bonfires and the level of particulate pollution they create. I note that the parish council have an environmental policy to maintain and note the council have adequate information about the unnecessary burning of waste from households and gardens.
    By sharing information and awareness, we can all take small steps to improve the quality of our environment and help reduce the effects of climate change. Kind regards


  6. Site administrator
    25th March 2021 @ 6:10 pm

    Thank you. I have a lot of sympathy with this. I recently purchased an AQM (Air Quality Meter) for my own house, with very interesting results. I will draw this to the attention of the Parish Council at our next meeting.


    • Alan
      7th April 2021 @ 10:34 am

      Thank you for your response and sympathy on this subject. I have looked at the agenda for the forthcoming meeting and note the subject of bonfires or rural air pollution is not there. Will you raise this in aob? I have just passed the village again this fine morning and seen the bonfire site I mentioned previously is burning once again.


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