Jubilee Celebrations 2nd June – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

The bunting is going up, the village hall is being prepared, the sun looks as if it is going to make an appearance. All we need is you and your picnic to turn up and join in the celebrations. You already know the programme, but to confirm certain arrangements which will make your life easier at both events:


We have been given permission to park down the driveway to Long Reach Farm. If you park on the left, nose or tail in to the hedge there should be plenty of room for everyone. The picnic field is behind the village hall and can be accessed either directly from the parking area or through the village hall, then through the garden. You will see a fence panel has been removed temporarily so that you can walk safely to the rear field. The same applies in reverse if you need to use the toilets in the village hall, to save anyone walking on the road. Some of you are planning to use the hall itself for your lunch, and the garden, too is available for those who do not want to walk too far.

Hopefully some of you will stay behind and help tidy up.


Again, it is parking which is the consideration and you can either park on the grass triangle as you know, or Paul and Deborah Hatfield have agreed that we can park in the bottom of the Needle field. Through the gateway, turn left and park as close to the hedge as is safe. I understand the ground is uneven, so if you have a low slung car, better to park elsewhere.

Please can everyone help here by keeping an eye on any stray sparks to ensure we don’t start a field fire.

Don’t forget your torches