D-Day Beacon – Brightling, East Sussex – village website

This will be lit around 9.p.m. on Thursday 6th June. Venue is The Needle up at Mount Farm.

Please bear in mind that this is a privately owned field and we have been given access, by Paul and Deborah Hatfield, for Brightling village to celebrate 80 years since this event which turned the tide of war.

As the ground is very soft, please do not bring vehicles into the field. They are likely to get stuck in the mud and, even worse, will damage the land itself. We are obliged to point out the following:

Wear sensible, non-slip footwear

Bring a torch – it will be dark by the time we are ready to go home and your eyes will be used to the bright light of the beacon.

Keep a safe distance from the beacon itself and keep an eye out for any stray sparks which may cause a fire.

Do come – you must admit Brightling does Beacons very well indeed.