One thought on “Aircraft noise”

  1. We are in correspondence with our MP Huw Merriman to ensure that he uses his voice to highlight the plight of Brightling with aircraft noise. With all the discussions taking place on how to reduce it, it is important that Brightling and surrounding areas keep plugging away to get moved the stacking/approach path that is over us. Aircraft make the most noise when turning and reducing height to approach to land and that is exactly what is happening over Brightling: we have all the noise that is exaggerated in our quiet village – although someone involved with the noise review, etc. did remark that the countryside always had ambient noise such as tractors and cows mooing. Perhaps we should make the cows moo and the sheep bah much more loudly? Do keep complaining to Gatwick. Newcomers in particular are noticing a noise we are all trying to tune out.


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