Utilities (water, electricity etc)

The parish council is trying to build up a history of problems with utilities in our area (eg recurrent problems with electricity, water etc).

If we can build up enough evidence of recurrent problems, then we can exert some pressure on the relevant utility companies (eg summon them to a Parish Council meeting to say what they are doing about it – which can be surprisingly effective).

If you live in Brightling, and you experience a utility problem, please use the “Leave a reply” facility (at the bottom of this page) to log it with the parish council.  You don’t have to give your name and address, but an indication of where your house is, plus the date and time that the problem started and stopped, would be helpful.  Also please state if you reported the problem to the utility company, and what happened.

Posting your problem here will not result in immediate action (if you need immediate action contact the utility company).  It is just so that we can build up our evidence base of the level of problems.

5 thoughts on “Utilities (water, electricity etc)”

  1. 9th December Jane and Geoffrey experienced brown water again and reported it to the water company. Were advised to run the water for about an hour to clear and that they would be credited for this wastage. The water did clear. It is most important for EVERYONE to report problems to the water company so that they can build up an accurate picture of problems.


  2. Burst water main Brightling Road near Ludpit Lane. Boxing day 26.12.16. Reported to water company 4am, engineers visited 7.30am. Fixed by the evening.


  3. Water quality
    Filling the doggy bowl this Sunday morning (7th of May 2017) the water definitely had a brown colour. I didn’t notice it when filling up the kettle but in doggy’s white bowl it definitely showed.
    Becket House, Brightling


  4. A parishioner in Holingrove reports: ” Just to let you know, I have sent an email complaint today to SE water. Our water is currently undrinkable due to over chlorination. “


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