Your new parish council

There are 7 seats on Brightling Parish Council and 6 people stood, so we all got elected without needing a vote. On a somewhat melancholy note, I have to record that David Gasson and Chris French both decided not to stand again. David Gasson had been on the Parish Council for 40 years, he tells me, and of course he was chairman for many years – so this is literally a lifetime of service, for which the village should be extremely grateful. The same applies to Chris French, who has been on the Parish Council for some 36 years, and for many years has served as deputy chairman.. Chris’s extensive local knowledge and wise advice will be greatly missed by the council.

The first meeting of the new Parish Council will be on Monday 13th May 2019. As always, the meeting will be at 7:30 am in the Village Hall and is open to the public, who are encouraged (but not forced) to participate. This will be our AGM (Annual General Meeting), which means that we will be choosing a chairman and deputy chairman for the year, as well as other responsibilities.

The 6 parish councillors are (in alphabetical order of surname): Caroline Croft, Daniel Lambert-Gorwyn, Jane Oxenford, Judy Petty, Andrew Wedmore, Roddy Wrenn, Judy Petty is new to the Parish Council, though not new to Brightling. Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to serve.

Readers with a degree in advanced arithmetic will have noticed that with 7 seats and 6 people, there is a vacancy for one more person. We do have the ability to “co-opt” to make up the numbers, so don’t be surprised if you see press-gangs roaming the streets of Brightling, looking for “volunteers”. Seriously, if you are interested in joining the Parish Council, do make yourself known to me or any parish councillor (contact details here).