Your advice needed to assist with grant forms for Pyramid

As some of you will know (and the rest of you will once the next Messenger comes out) we have been unexpectedly successful in obtaining a small grant of £2250 from the Allchurches Trust.  We are now approaching £19,000 either pledged or received, once we have received gift aid relief on donations.  I have therefore taken the decision to take the plunge and go for a big grant from Heritage Lottery Fund, but, although I have got through the first phase (we are a project of interest to them) the second phase is a real hair puller-outer.  We have to prove to them that if they invest in the pyramid repair there will be direct improvements to, particularly, heritage and not just that it is going to ensure the long term safety of the pyramid.  For instance, will more people learn about heritage as a result of this work? Will craftspeople learn traditional crafts?

I desperately need some input as my mind is locked on this aspect.  Can anyone see what direct benefits the rest of the country would get as a result of our work?  I am thinking of trying to set up an open follies day with Guides as each site to detail folklore and contemporary history (need land owners consent where private, but so far all look on board) and also, getting a local history theme added to the school at Dallington, but I am sure you will think of more.  Please post here or email me direct on

Jane Beard 01424 838352