Water supply improvements coming soon

Following intervention by the Parish Council, much of Brightling is going to be getting a new water main.

The new pipe will run all the way between Darwell Hole and the top of Rectory Hill, along Rectory Hill through Oxley’s Green and along Brightling Road, and also along Hollingrove Hill and Hollingrove Lane. Work to install the new pipe will start in May 2019.

It will be a 100 mm (4 inches in old money) pipe, which is a good size. I expect it to greatly reduce the occurence of incidents such as leaks, brown water, and problems with pressure being too low or too high, for properties along these routes – not to mention the recent outage (on Sunday 17 March 2019 parts of Brightling were without water for 19 hours).

The bad news is that there will be some serious road closures along these routes, lasting many months, possibly until Christmas. I will post more details of the timing of these a bit nearer the time..