Water problems


Many Brightlingers will be aware of continuing problems with the quality of the water supply and the various breaks in service, particularly at the end of 2015.

We have been in touch with South-East Water and hope to get someone from the company to attend a parish council meeting (probably the one on 14th March 2016) and listen to people’s frustration and hopefully tell us what they are doing about it.

One particular parishioner has taken up the cudgels and has managed to extract some specific information, as follows:

“I can confirm that South East Water have plans to renew the worst affected sections of mains along the Battle Road and adjoin roads as per the schedule below:.

“Scheme prioritisation, expected delivery year and scope summary:
1 – Battle Road – 1532m 100mm bore, in 2016/17
2 – PRV [Pressure Reducing Valve] at junction of Battle Road and Kent Lane (Twelve oaks) in 2018
3 – Brightling Road – 626m 100mm bore, in 2018/19
4 – Hollingrove Road – 300m 100mm bore in 2019”

[NB 100mm = 4 inches in Brightling Standard Units]

The basic problem, the email explains, is that if they make the pressure high enough to serve people at the top of a hill, then the pressure at the bottom of the hill becomes high enough to burst the ageing pipe.

I think it is well worth getting a representative along to a Parish Council meeting so that they can hear directly of people’s frustration with the current service, and at the very least we can exert some pressure (LOL) to ensure that these dates don’t slip, and perhaps even get them brought forward.