Water main road closures 7 May 2019 to 20 January 2020

We had a very useful meeting with South East Water in the Village Hall on Thursday 25th April and a lot of Brightling people turned up to hear about the new water main and associated road closures. The map below shows the extent of the new water main, and what we currently know about the dates of road closures. You can click on this map to view it full scale.

The first closure will be the bottom of Rectory Hill, between Brightling Place Cottage and Oxley’s Green.  That road will be closed between 7th May and 13th May, and again from 22nd May to 5th June.  The most disruptive road closure is likely to be the Brightling Road between Oxleys Green and Brightling Place Farm, particularly for rail commuters and deliveries from the A21 direction.  This patch of road will be closed from 13th to 22nd May and then again for 3 days starting on 5th June.

When a road is closed it will be closed round the clock.  They say that they have found that closing a road during working hours and then opening it overnight just causes massive confusion.

Your water supply may be cut off.  Each property will suffer a maximum of 3 cut-offs and each cut-off will last no longer than 3 hours.  You will be notified in advance by card through your door.  This may specify a 6-hour window, eg “you will be cut off for a maximum of 3 hours between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm”

More detail on the exact timing of closures will emerge as the work progresses.  We will endeavour to update this web site with important changes.

(Some people have asked why the rest of Brightling Road is not being upgraded, only the short stretch from Oxley’s Green to Brightling Place Farm.  The answer is that the vast majority of the actual bursts have not been along this stretch; the residents have suffered the consequences of bursts elsewhere.  They have sent me a map that shows quite dramatically that nearly all the bursts are along Hollingrove Hill/Lane and between Twelve Oaks and Darwell Hole).