Watch Rother District Council meetings live on-line

I have discovered that meetings of Rother District Council (and committees thereof) are being now streamed live on YouTube for anyone to watch.  You can watch meetings as they are happening, or later.

Some forthcoming meetings which may be of interest are:

Climate change steering group 1.30 pm Thursday 2 July 2020

Joint waste and recycling committee 10:00 am Friday 3 July 2020

To get the links for all meetings,

  • go to Rother District Council calendar page
  • follow the link to the meeting you are interested in; this will take you to its agenda page
  • on that page there is a section headed “Media”, with a YouTube link

NB, the YouTube links only appear when the agenda is published, which is usually about a week before the meeting.

Also on the calendar page you can subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding arrangements for particular committee meetings.  Never miss a meeting again.

PS I don’t want to hear any more complaints about people being short of interesting things to do during lock-down.