Virtual VE75 Celebrations

As the original plan for May 8th with all its celebrations, fish and chip supper and party have had to be cancelled, this does not mean we do nothing to acknowledge the ending of WW2 75 years ago.  I had won a competition through English Heritage for a group of dancers to join our evening party to teach us all how to do some WW2 dances, but obviously this is not to be either.  However,  a Zoom meeting has been scheduled for 8th May, starting promptly at 2.58 p.m..  During this there will be a bit of history, playing of the Last Post by our mystery trumpeter (soon to be revealed!) a memory from someone in the village on VE day itself and then the national toast.  After that everyone will  be unmuted so that as you raise a glass for the toast you can all respond “We thank you”   Come and join in the event – it is only about 15 mins at the most.  The Waiting Room will be open beforehand so – don’t be late.

You will receive an email with a link to get you into the meeting.  If you don’t receive it and want to join in, please do let me know.