Village survey and Action Plan for the next 5 years

ActionPlanThe current village action plan was produced in 2010 to cover the period 2010-15.

So it is time for a new one.

At the meeting on 6th July 2015 the Parish Council appointed a group of Parish Councillors to consider the matter and report back to the next Parish Council meeting, on 7th September 2015.  The councillors on this group are: David Gasson, Caroline Croft, and Bill Vorley.  They would be pleased to have offers of help or suggestions from anyone interested.

The 2010-15 Action Plan was based on a paper survey questionnaire  that was delivered to every house in the village, and an analysis of the survey questionnaire responses.

A village action plan should not be confused with a Neighbourhood Plan, which some villages have.  Neighbourhood plans are something that came in with the Localism Act.  A neighbourhood plan is essentially a land development plan and is subordinate to the local authority’s plan.  So in our case – were we to have a Neighbourhood plan, it would have to be in accordance with Rother District Council’s Core Strategy planning document – but what it could do is to provide more detail and specifics about how that core strategy would be interpreted and implemented at Brightling.  In our case, we don’t have a Neighbourhood Plan for Brightling, and we don’t currently have any plans to develop one.  However, it might be something that we ought to look at.  Developing one is a substantial undertaking and would mean a lot of work and expense.  Sometimes smaller parishes get together to develop a joint Neighbourhood plans.