There are eight fingerposts (black and white signposts) in the village, and they were all refurbished in 2016 and 2017.

Each signpost has a “sponsor” who is responsible for

  • occasional cleaning (use plain water)
  • removing anything that anyone attaches to the signpost
  • reporting any damage to the Parish Council

The list of signposts and sponsors is

Darwell Hole Caroline Croft
Twelve Oaks Chris Lever
Oxleys Green Richard Meakin / David Rogers
Top of Rectory Hill Andrew Wedmore
Long Reach Simon and Fenella Tayler
Triangle at the Mount Jane Oxenford / David Gasson
Staceys Corner Jane Oxenford / David Gasson
Holingrove Charles Everett

The adopt-a-signpost scheme is organized by David Gasson.