Ultrafast broadband reaches more parts of Brightling

The FTTP (fibre to the premises) service has now been turned on for residents of the Hollingrove area, Brickyard Lane, Oxleys Green and the near end of Brightling Road – roughly speaking postcodes TN32 5HU, TN32 5HD, and TN32 5HB.  This follows the FTTP service for the further end of Brightling Road, which went live in the middle of January.  Residents of these areas are now able to order services of various speeds, up to a maximum of 330Mbps.

Points to note: 1 – you do not get an increased speed automatically.  You have to order the new service if you want it (but even if you don’t want it, you might be able to get better service for no more money, or even the same service as now for less money, so worth looking into anyway).

Points to note: 2.  You do not have to order from BT.  Suppliers include Redline Telecom, Andrews & Arnold, BT Retail, Plusnet, Zen amd Cerebus (links below).  Zen frequently comes top of customer satisfaction surveys.  Plusnet is 100% owned by BT but has a separate operation with a generally better reputation for service and support than BT retail.

Point to note 3.  Not all ISPs offer FTTP (full-fibre) broadband, For example Utility Warehouse are not currently offering it, nor are Sky and Virgin (Sky and Virgin only offer it over their own cables, which have yet to reach Brightling)..  If you contact one of these other ISPs. be prepared for a disingenuous conversation with the salesperson (they may seek to persuade you that you can’t get it/don’t need it/ have already got it etc etc.).

Point to note 4: watch out for sneaky introductory pricing.

People also ask: what speed do I need?  To give a simple answer: I think that 30 Mbps should be more than adequate for most domestic set-ups.  My approach would probably be to order a low-end package and just check that you would be allowed to upgrade if you wanted to.

Redline telecom

Andrews & Arnold

BT Retail