Triangle at the Mount – what does anyone think?

20150715_183905The “triangle at the Mount” refers to the grass triangle near the entrance to Sheepshaw Farm. This gets discussed at the Parish Council from time to time, without ever reaching any plan to take action.

It does look a bit messy, particularly in the winter, due to free-for-all parking, and in the past there have been occasions when it has been used as a playground by off-road bikes and quads.

To summarize, there are those who feel that this is a situation which requires something to be done about it, while others feel that – while there may be a problem – proposed solutions could easily make it look worse rather than better.

20150715_184003It would be possible to exclude vehicles by putting up a lot of wooden posts around the perimeter (a lot of posts would be needed if quads are to be kept out) and some designated parking areas would also need to be provided. Overall the cost would be beyond the Parish Council’s normal budget but it might be that money could be obtained elsewhere.

If anyone has any thoughts or proposals about this, do let me – or any Parish Councillor – know.  Your thoughts will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 7th September, 2015.