Tree warden for Brightling

Ancient trackway through Forge Wood

I am very pleased to say that Brightling now has a Tree Warden: Mr Doug Edworthy. Doug is already the Tree Warden for Dallington Parish and is happy to take on the role for Brightling as well. The main things that a Tree Warden does are:

  • Championing the maintenance of the current parish tree stock – understanding the trees woods and forests in our parish and acting as a fount of knowledge
  • Being proactive and promoting trees and their proper management
  • Keeping an eye on local trees and dealing with any relevant matter that might arise
  • Looking out for any pests and diseases
  • Advising or signposting Parishioners to reputable contractors or advisors
  • Getting the local community involved in tree planting of any kind, e.g. woodland, orchards, memorial trees, etc.
  • Being a link between East Sussex County Council and the local community.

I should add that the role of Tree Warden is a recognized role and many parishes have them.         However the Tree Warden does not have any formal authority or powers, and is not going to march onto anyone’s land and start telling them what to do with their trees.

Doug led the woodland walk that took place on Saturday 7th July, and everyone who was lucky enough to come on that walk was impressed not only by Doug’s enthusiasm and love of the trees, but also his self-evident expert knowledge. I am hopeful that we will be able to add information about Brightling’s trees to this web site, and also see some articles in the Messenger Magazine.

Doug can be contacted on the email address