The Great Brightling bake-off: 4.45 pm on Monday (6 April)

Important message from Nicola Magill:

We want to join you all together in our individual houses for a ‘get together’.

With the aid of modern technology this should, in theory, be easy.

So, we have come up with a plan – the Great Brightling Bake Off.

You bake a simple Victoria sponge cake: recipeWe all join together in a Zoom video conference call on Monday 6th April at 4.45pm (hosted by Biddy and she will send out a link to join you)  Must have camera and sound facility on your computer/phone/iPad.

Biddy and I will be the judges.  You will be judged on:

  • Height of sponge,
  • Springyness of sponge
  • Overall look and presentation
  • Extra points awarded for your commentary on what you have produced – humour is good

Ingredients for cake:

6oz self raising flour
6oz sugar
6 oz butter
3 eggs

Cream sugar and butter together.  Once creamed add eggs individually and beat all until light and fluffy then fold in flour.

Put into two greased cake tins.
Cook until ready 180C for approx 20 mins
Leave to cool

Decorate with jam in middle and sifted icing sugar on top.

If you would like to take part please email me at and Biddy will send you the link to join in on Monday at 4.45pm.