Sunday 11th November – full list of events

According to the weather, it looks as if Sunday is going to be covered in light rain, but with all the efforts that are being put into this day, by so many people locally, we hope that everyone can just don macs and get on with it!

6 o’clock in the morning Mungo will be playing the bagpipes and the lament, When the Battles Over.  The original arrangement was on the church steps, but if it is raining, it will be inside the church.  Please do come and support his efforts:  he has been practising and he hates early mornings too!  If you can be there by five to six, then we can start on time.  It was only a few weeks ago that it was in fact 7 o’clock.

10.45  church service in Brightling

6.30 p.m. the gates to the field with the Needle will open.  Parking available on the triangle and tight into verges where you feel it is safe and not blocking the road.  No parking in the field, please.

6.50  Captain Henry Beeching will be reading the Nation’s Tribute prepared by Her Majesty the Queen’s Pageant Master

6.55  The Last Post will be played, live – a real one-off experience not to be missed.  The Last Post is emotional at the best and up at the Needle it will be very special.

7.00  Lighting of the Beacon followed by the sound of bells being rung from Brightling church.

Paul and Deborah Hatfield are offering their usual warm welcome to us all, aided by something else, providing they can get things organised in time.

***Bring a Torch (essential)

Jane and Geoffrey Beard 01424 838352