Street naming consultation

Residents of affected streets will have received consultation letters from Rother District Council.  The map below shows all the affected roads.

The letters that have gone out say “There is the potential for Royal Mail to change postcodes if the street name changes”.  While this is technically true (the Post Office can change anyone’s postcode anytime they feel like it), I have to say that I think it is incredibly unlikely to happen.  In practice the Post Office only change postcodes when there is a major change in the organization of the postal rounds (eg if a lot of new houses get built, or if one property gets so much post that they need their own postcode and so on).

I do hope that this doesn’t put anyone off.

This should also not cause any change in anyone’s official (Post Office) house address; addresses (on the affected roads) do not in fact include the road name at all.  See the sample below (from ).

Another slight problem is that (due to an error by Rother District Council) all the people in Hollingrove Hill got Hollingrove Lane letters, and vice versa.  Corrected (version 2) letters have now been sent out to those affected.

Finally I’ll just mention that the roads variously known as Cackle Street and/or Battle Road are not affected at all.

What’s the point? some people have asked.  Speaking personally, two reasons: first to preserve a little bit of local history, and secondly so that when they put up signs saying “such and such a road is closed” that everyone knows which road they mean.

If anyone has any queries about this, feel free to contact me by email at