Stand up for East Sussex

East Sussex County Council is petitioning the Prime Minister for more money and they want you to sign their (on-line) petition. See web page for more details and how to sign the petition.

They say

“We are asking the people of East Sussex to sign our petition which calls on the Government to give our county a fairer deal. East Sussex has made savings of £112 million since the start of the decade. That would have been enough to pay for the annual care of 5,600 vulnerable people or to fix 2 million potholes. Our petition to the Prime Minister calls for an urgent re-think about the resources it gives to East Sussex and the real difficulties that cuts in funding mean for many people who live here. We’re also asking for more power over the decisions which affect us, from where to invest in transport to how to help people get the skills they need for good jobs and higher wages.”

This website does not of course, advise you one way or the other whether you should sign this: we merely signpost that it is there if you want it.