Special meeting of Brightling Parish Council by Zoom on Wednesday 16 September, at 7:30 pm

The Government is planning a major overhaul to the planning system.  This is a very radical reform, described as the biggest change to the system since it was introduced in 1947.  The government is currently consulting on its proposals and the consultation is open to anyone to respond.  There are two main consultations:

Changes to the current planning system

Planning for the future

(Follow the above links to see the documents and consultation in full.  The documents themselves contain links to the consultation pages where you can input your own responses).

It is the second of these two documents which describes the radical reform to the system but both are important and could have a substantial impact on rural areas such as Brightling.

Brightling Parish Council is intending to submit comments on both documents.

They are both quite big documents, and I think it is fair to say that they are not easy to understand unless you have considerable background knowledge of the way the planning system works.  Even if you do, it is still not easy to understand what the impact might be.  However, there is a very widespread view that these proposals could be bad news for rural areas.  For example CPRE says:

The government has devised some new plans that could pose a huge risk to the countryside and the communities living and working within it. 

Ministers want to take decision-making powers away from communities and local councils, handing it over to housing developers and central powers in Westminster.   

Under these new proposals, our ability to shape the future of where we live – a right communities have had for 70 years – could be lost with the stroke of a pen. 

CPRE are also running a petition against these proposals.  The government, on the other hand, says that these proposals will make the system “simpler, clearer and quicker to navigate, delivering results in weeks and months rather than years and decades

Brightling Parish Council is taking part in a joint working party with councillors from Burwash, Etchingham and Ticehurst in order to better understand these proposals and to come up with a response.

There will be a special meeting of Brightling Parish Council at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 16 September in order to consider an initial response by the council.  This meeting will be via Zoom and is open to all members of the public.  If you wish to join in the meeting, and you don’t have the Zoom details (same as previous Zoom meetings) then please email the clerk at brightlingclerk@gmail.com

As well as submitting comments direct to the Government, the parish council will also be publishing here on the web site:

  •     the parish council’s interpretation of the impact of the proposals on our district,
  •     suggested responses (in the form of a template) that individual parishioners might want to make to the consultation, and/or say to our MP