Signposts – progress at last!


At last, there is something positive to report. The signpost at Twelve Oaks (also known as Cock and Hen) is now fully recovered from its recent operation and is back on duty looking very upright and smart, and clearly showing the way to Mountfield (should anyone take it into their head to want to go there for some reason).

The signpost at Oxleys Green was done at the same time and is also looking very smart.

Financially, we can only do two signposts per year, so that’s it now until our next financial year.

Another volunteer has come forward for the “adopt a signpost” scheme so we should have most of them covered. We will be in touch with the volunteers soon, to get the whole thing of the ground. Meanwhile the three signposts near the observatory and the one at the top of Rectory Hill are still looking for that special person in their lives.