Rubbish clearance

Hello fellow Brightlingers

I walk down to the bottom of Brickyard Lane most days with the dog and there is a load of rubbish tipped into the stream. I reported it over 6 months ago, but it’s still there. Someone did tell me though that it may technically be on Darvell land. It is really starting to annoy me, so I have 2 ideas…

  1. does anyone have a contact in the Darvell community to request they come and clear it?
  2. shall we take the JFDI approach? Can I get a 1 or 2 volunteers to join me one weekend to come and clear it ourselves? A couple of us would only take 20 mins but there are a few larger pieces that may need 2 people to lift out of the stream. I am pretty sure it will  all fit in the back of our car and I can drive it to the tip?


Steve (Filands)