Rother Housing Consultation 2017

Rother District Development and Site Allocations Local Plan (DaSA)

This is out for consultation until 20th February 2017 and you can read all about it (and submit your own feedback) at

Basically it is the second stage in Rother’s local plan and it is all about allocating precise sites for housing and other land uses. The first stage, known as the “Core strategy” allocated sites in general terms, eg x number of houses to be built in North Bexhill and so on; the present stage puts forward specific site locations. Once a site has been included in the Site Allocations Plan, then any application to develop it in line with the plan would be likely to be approved (subject to other conditions of course).

This doesn’t affect Brightling directly. We were allocated zero houses in the Core Strategy, so the question of where exactly to put them doesn’t arise. However, the plan also covers Gypsy and Traveller sites and this is of direct interest. Part of the justification for allowing the (temporary and personal) planning permission for a site at Coldharbour Farm (on the border with Dallington) was that Rother did not have the required number of G&T sites allocated. The new Site Allocations plan does provide the required number of sites; therefore as the plan approaches approval, this justification falls away. In fact the Site Allocations Plan specifically reviews the suitability of the Coldharbour Farm site and specifically states that it is not suitable.   Thus one might predict that the temporary permission will not be renewed when it expires (sometime on 2018) – subject of course to all the usual caveats about any prediction about the future, let alone one involving planning policy.