Rother District Council – election results for Brightling

The results for the new ward of “Burwash and the Weald”, which includes Brightling, were as follows:

Barnes, John (Cons) – 683 elected
Kirby-Green, Eleanor (Cons) – 606 elected

Lindstrom, Laurel (Lib Dem) – 360
Varrall, Mary (Lib Dem) – 425
Wedmore, Andrew (Green) – 369

The turnout was 37.22%

The election, held on 2nd May, was for Rother District Council.

The overall result was dramatic.  The Conservatives were reduced from 29 to 14 seats, losing 12 of the 13 seats that they held in Bexhill.  The election also saw the first Green councillor to be elected to Rother District Council.  The new make-up of Rother District Council is: 13 Independents, 14 Conservatives, 7 Liberal Democrats, 3 Labour and 1 Green.