Rother Development Consultation

Rother District Council are consulting on development (including housing development) in the Rother District (which Brightling is part of). Specifically, they are consulting on something called the Development and Site Allocations Local Plan – DaSA for short.

To put this in context, the country needs more houses, and Rother has been given an allocation by the government. The question then, is not whether these more houses should be built, but where. Rother already have an agreed and approved document called the “Core Strategy” which sets out the development plan for Rother at a strategic level, now the DaSA fills in the detail – exactly where the planned developments will take place.

The consultation is open until 7th December 2018 (so get a move on if you want to take part). Just to give you a flavour The DaSA consists of 6 main documents and 23 supporting documents. The first of the main documents has 295 pages. You can view them at Battle library, or Bexhill Town Hall, or of course on-line.

How to comment: visit where you can see / download all the documents and input comments. Or if you’ve got hundreds of pounds to waste and you don’t care about the environment (no-one in Brightling, surely?) you can order a hard copy.

Is anyone still reading? Seriously, how is the ordinary person, who possibly has other things to do, to deal with this? My solution – at least as far as this post is concerned – is to put my narrowest blinkers on and just ask “How does this affect Brightling?” – and the answer, as far as I can see, is “not very much”. The reason being that we have zero allocation of housing in the Core Strategy, and therefore the question of whereabouts in Brightling to build these zero houses, does not arise. However, I add the caveat that that’s just my personal assessment. The DaSA is about more than just housing allocations, although that’s an important part and the part that most people will be most interested in. But there may be all sorts of things buried in these documents. Here, for example, on page 11 of one of the documents is a map showing where in the district has high enough wind speeds for wind turbines to be viable (not us again). Enjoy.