Road naming

Some more progress: East Sussex County Council have now agreed, in writing, with the following road names: Hollingrove Road (from Oxley’s Green to Twelve Oaks via Hollingrove), Brickyard Lane, Rectory Hill, and Observatory Road.  I forwarded this confirmation to Ordnance Survey and they have confirmed that these names will be added to the next edition of their database, in May.  The road names will then start to appear on large-scale maps, as and when they are re-drawn.s

That leaves a few roads where East Sussex’s official road name is (in my opinion) silly or just plain wrong. For example East Sussex Highways think that the stretch between the far end of Brickyard Lane and the turning to Burwash (which everyone else agrees is Perrymans Lane; there is even a road sign) is in fact a continuation of Fontridge Lane, and they think that Perrymans Lane is the road from the Burwash turning all the way up to the triangle at the Mount (we are saying this is Combe Hill Road). I plan to deal with these later.