Road naming update

We had an interesting meeting on Tuesday 12 June 2018, with (among others) representative of Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council, to discuss sorting out the correct names for roads within the parish.

Previously we had consulted on a set of road names.  We received some messages of agreement, and no messages of disagreement, and the Parish Council approved them at its meeting on 14th May 2018.

The Rother representative said that they were happy to accept our proposal, with a couple of exceptions.

Rother want the road from Darwell Hole up towards Woods Corner (the B2096) to be “Battle Road” (because other segments of it, outside Brightling, are already called Battle Road).  We wanted the road from Darwell Hole up as far as the top of Rectory Hill to be “Battle Road”.  But we can’t have two different roads in the parish both called Battle Road.  I don’t think we would win an argument with Rother over this, and in fact it is perfectly reasonable for the B2096 to be Battle Road.  So we have to have a different name for the road from Darwell Hole to the top of Rectory Hill.  The obvious solution is to call this road “Cackle Street”.  In fact Rother already call it Cackle Street, so if we accept this it is one fewer change.  Some would say that Cackle Street is a hamlet rather than a road, or that the term Cackle Street only applies to the lower part of the road, but we don’t have any other ideas, so I suggest the whole road should be Cackle Street.

The other change is that we tried to apply the name “Deer Park Road” to the whole of the road from the triangle at Avenue Lodge all the way to Woods Corner.  Rother’s view – which I think has to be accepted – is that this applies only to the road as far as Stacey’s corner.  From Stacey’s corner to Woods Corner is in the parish of Dallington, and here the road is called “Brightling Road”.  There is no duplication here because the names only have to be unique within the parish, so “Brightling Road, Dallington” and “Brightling Road, Brightling” can happily refer to distinct roads.  In any case, we are Brightling parish and we can’t start telling Dallington how to name roads in their parish.  Furthermore it is reasonable for a road to change its name at a T-junction, and I do know that properties on the Dallington part of this road do refer to themselves as being on “Brightling Road”.

We also discovered that Rother have a road that we hadn’t got: Coblye Lane.  I don’t think this is a road that the public can drive down (although it is a bridleway); it is the track from the Ox Lodge, past the cricket ground and down to Coblye Cottage at the ford.  So I have added that to the map.

If no-one objects to the above, then we are mostly in agreement with the names that Rother have already got, and we would only be asking Rother for 4 changes:

  • what we call Coombe Hill Road is currently on Rother’s system as Perrymans Lane
  • the real Perrymans Lane (the short section of road that goes past Perrymans Farm) is currently on Rother’s system as an extension to Fontridge Lane
  • The road from Oxley’s Green to Twelve Oaks is currently on Rother’s system as Hollingrove Road; we want to split it into Hollingrove Hill (Oxley’s  Green to Hollingrove) and Hollingrove Lane (Hollingrove to Twelve Oaks)
  • What we call Long Reach and “The Street” is currently on Rother’s system as “Brightling Village” (which Rother accept is a silly name for a road, and not in accordance with local usage)

This is all open to consultation.  The revised consultation map is below.  Please use the comments box below to say if you have any comments on any of this.  If you think this is all correct, then it would be helpful if you could leave a comment to say so, so that we can show that there is a consensus.  Once we do have a consensus, then, subject to the agreement of the parish council, we will officially request these changes from Rother District Council.

We were advised that if a road name changes, then there is a possibility that the Post Office will change the postcode.  However it seems to me that this is fairly unlikely, but you never know.  In any case, the Post Office are a law unto themselves when it comes to setting official postal addresses.