Road naming update – April 2018

At the annual assembly on 9th April 2018, we also discussed the issue of road naming (this is not about putting up signs, but just about deciding definitively what each road is called). One detail that came up is that there is a consensus that the road from Oxley’s Green to Hollingrove Triangle is “Hollingrove Hill”, and from Hollingrove Triangle to Twelve Oaks is “Hollingrove Lane”. East Sussex have them both down as “Hollingrove Road”. I am reasonably hopeful that this can be corrected, along with various names that East Sussex have got seriously wrong.

These road names do matter for several reasons. Firstly, they are part of our history. Secondly, they help us to communicate clearly. If you collapse in the middle of Perrymans Lane, you don’t want the emergency services to start looking for you in the other Perrymans Lane. Similarly, if Highways put up a big sign saying “School Lane closed”, this is less than useful if no-one knows what they mean by “School Lane” because it is generally known under another name. Finally, research shows that living on a lane rather than a road can add up to £20,000 to the value of your house.