Road naming update

A partial (20% or so) victory in the road-naming campaign. Ordnance Survey have now agreed to add “Perrymans Lane” and “Battle Road” to their large-scale maps and to the February 2018 edition of their MasterMap data. I believe that this data is the underlying source of all other maps, and of the road names that pop up on Satnav, so expect to see these road names starting to appear on your smartphone in due course. Ordnance Survey have not yet accepted the other road names (Hollingrove Hill, Hollingrove Lane, Long Reach, The Street, Rectory Hill, Observatory Road, Brickyard Lane, Coombe Hill, and Deer Park Road) that I have suggested, but I am hopeful that with the support of East Sussex County Council we may get some or all of them recognized in due course.