The road naming saga goes on

The situation so far is that two of our roads (Perrymans Lane and Coombe Hill Road) overlap somewhat with Burwash parish, so we need to ensure that Burwash also support our proposals before putting them to Rother, who have the power to update the National Street Gazetteer.  I have therefore opened up discussions with Burwash Parish Council.

I also take this opportunity to clarify the situation regarding the road that goes from Darwell Hole crossroads, up past Riverhouses, past Twelve Oaks and up towards the village.  This road is known to the Post Office as “Battle Road, Brightling” and to Rother and the National Street Gazetteer as “Cackle Street”.  There are disadvantages to both names.  On the one hand, there is another Battle Road in the parish: the B2096 from Netherfield to Woods corner, so that is confusing.  On the other hand, most people think of Cackle Street as being a hamlet or short section of road, not the whole road.  Faced with this, we are not proposing any changes to the naming of this road.  The PO will continue to call it Battle Road Brightling and the NSG will continue to call it Cackle Street.

Battle Road(s) – according to the Post Office
Rother District Council version of the same roads