Rectory Hill signpost refurbishment

Beginning to flake

The Parish Council recently carried out a check on the eight wooden signposts within the parish of Brightling.

Seven of the eight were deemed to be in pretty good nick (and will shortly be receiving their annual wash and brush-up from the various volunteers).

The one at the top of Rectory Hill (which is the only one we didn’t refurbish in 2016/17) needs a bit more than this.  It is looking quite weather-beaten and does not meet our standard of general uprightness.  So we have arranged for it to go to the signpost hospital for a bit of remedial surgery and a facelift.  Hopefully this will happen before the end of 2018.  So if you notice that it is absent from its post (LOL) – don’t worry, it hasn’t gone AWOL.

A bit of a lean