Recent burglaries

Picture of policemanMany people will already be aware that there have been a number of burglaries in the Brightling area recently, including:

  • quad bike
  • a large quantity of tack
  • three English Springer Spaniels (details here, here, and here)

If you see something suspicious, do report it.  Using the on-line 101 form is not only generally less stressful than telephoning, it also helps the police because it uses fewer police resources.  If you have seen something suspicious but not clearly a crime as such, then use the “Something you’ve seen or heard” link.  That takes you to a short form.  After you get an acknowledgement email, you can forward the email to Daryl Holter at Daryl really does need you to use the reporting system before emailing him as he needs things to be on the system before he can deal with them.  The information that the police seem to be most grateful for is vehicle number plates, preferably with a brief description.

Of course if there is a crime in the course of being committed, or any other immediate emergency, then call 999.

Sussex police crime prevention advice

Meanwhile, don’t have nightmares.