Public space protection orders

Public space protection orders are, roughly speaking, a replacement for local by-laws, but are claimed to be more effective because they can be enforced by the police or a council officer with an on-the-spot fine (whereas by-laws required taking people to court).  Rother are now consulting on introducing them.  The consultation is at and is open for your responses until 12 January 2018. 

My initial reaction to this was that it probably wasn’t relevant to Brightling as we don’t have much of a problem with anti-social behaviour in public places.  But then I looked at the list of forms of anti-social behaviours and saw that as well as the obvious ones like “Drinking alcohol in a public place after being told not to do so,” the list does also include “Fly tipping by residents or businesses,” as well as “Sleeping or camping in vehicles on the highway overnight”. 

However, having filled it in myself, I have come to the conclusion that, from the narrow point of view of the impact on Brightling, my initial reaction was right: the only place that will be affected in practice is Bexhill.  But that’s just my opinion: the consultation is there if you want it.  Also, note that it only affects public land.