Problems with the waterworks – December 2015

SouthEastWaterLogoThere have been a number of problems with water supply, ie complete absence of water for several hours on Tuesday 24th and Sunday 29th November, and Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th December. This is generally followed by discoloured and/or smelly water when it is reconnected. There may have been earlier episodes as well but we don’t have exact details.

There were emergency road works in Cackle Street recently which may also have had to do with the water supply. In which case it may be that things will now go back to normal.

We discussed this at the Parish Council meeting on 7th December 2015 and resolved to contact South-East Water with our concerns. If we continue to get on-going problems we will invite someone from South-East Water to come to a Parish Council meeting and ask them what they are going to do to improve our service. My own feeling is that we should wait and see if things get back to normal; if they don’t then we can certainly follow up in this way.

I think it is always worth phoning up South-East water each time you get a problem – even if you think someone else has done so. If you do that then they will (usually) phone you back when service is restored. If we do get on-going problems then will be very useful if we can build up a list of specific dates and times, so do please feel free to use the comments box at the end of this post to record the details if it happens in the future. The same applies to any breaks in electricity supply.

South East Water contact details.