Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme comes to the High Weald

High Weald AONB partnership announces

We are delighted that this well-respected national programme is coming to the area following our invite. It offers free business skills workshops to local family farms whose main enterprise is dairy or livestock, whether owner-occupied or tenanted.

Several local farms have expressed an interest and we’re looking for more farmers to participate.

sheep oast landscape

The programme is an opportunity for families to look at the viability and long-term potential of their farms to help them make decisions for the future. The Prince’s Countryside Fund advises that:

“68% of farmers report that they are more optimistic about the future of their family farm as a result of being on the programme.”

Seven local workshops will be run between September and March for participating farms. Topics include business planning, understanding accounts and budgeting and exploring new opportunities.

Contact Christine for details and to register an interest.
Full details of the Programme here.