Power cuts – your chance to interrogate UK Power networks: parish council meeting 7:30 pm Monday 9 March 2020, Village Hall

A representative from UK Power networks will be speaking at the next meeting of Brightling Parish Council (7:30 pm Monday 9th March, in the Village Hall).

This is your opportunity to ask about the power cuts which have (I am told) been affecting various properties in Brightling.

Irrespective of who you pay your electricity bill to, UK Power networks are responsible for delivering the stuff to your home, and for maintaining the cables, poles, ducts, transformers, control equipment and so on.

Specifically on the subject of cuts during “Storm Ciara”, I read the following on UK Power Network’s web site: “Regulations applicable to the electricity industry say compensation payments are due to customers who were without power for 48 hours. However in recognition of the inconvenience caused, we have decided to offer goodwill payments to those who lost power for more than 18 hours due to the storm.  Over the next few days we’ll be contacting all customers that are eligible for compensation due to Storm Ciara with details on how to claim their payment”  This was published in mid-February, so by the time you read this you should have been contacted, if eligible.  If you weren’t you could contact them on 0800 028 4587 or care@ukpowernetworks.co.uk.

If anyone has kept an accurate log of their power cuts (date, time and duration) that would be a useful thing to produce during the meeting.