Brightling phone box restoration – progress

Brightling phone box with Henry Lowe and dogsThe warmer, drier weather meant that the Brightling ‘phone box restoration project could re-commence. Mark Bridge was given a helping hand by Henry Lowe, one of the younger members of the parish, who like many others, experienced online schoolwork and Zoom lessons in the summer term. Having more time at home his school, Cranbrook, encouraged children to learn a new skill or take part in a community project, so taking hold of a brush and the Telegraph Red pot of paint, he set about painting the fiddly bars in between all the glass panes (the dogs offered no assistance at all!)

It is still a work in progress, but the summer holidays have begun and Mark & Henry are confident that the ‘phone box will soon be gleaming in all its restored glory ready to display information about the local area, Jack Fuller’s follies & maps showing footpaths.