Phone box opposite the Village Hall

Banksy was here

We have agreed to buy the phone box from BT for £1. 

Although it won’t have a phone line in it, it will apparently have a power supply, with power continuing to be supplied by BT at their expense (perhaps to assuage their guilt about removing the phone itself).  So potential uses could include those requiring a modest amount of power. 

Although there has been a general consensus that it should be retained, there has only been a small a response regarding what we should do with it.  The two ideas so far are: fit it out as a “Visitor Information Point”; or move it to Darwell Hole and use it to house the forthcoming defibrillator.  Further ideas still welcome. 

My attention has also been drawn to the propensity of phone boxes to attract advertisements for certain kinds of services.  Obviously it would be wrong to expose Brightlingers to this sort of temptation, although I don’t know how much of a problem this would be in practice.