Parliamentary boundary changes – proposals

The commission that deals with parliamentary boundaries has come up with some new proposals.  These are radically different from their previous proposals, as far as their effect on Brightling and neighbouring parishes is concerned.

The previous propsals would have meant a big change for us, but the latest proposals revert to leaving our existing constituency (Bexhill and Battle) fairly similar to how it is now.  The changes are that the area around Ticehurst would be dropped from the constituency and an area around Horam would be added.

John Barnes, MBE, who represents us on both East Sussex County Council and Rother District Council, has already written to draw attention to various problems that would be created by hiving off Ticehurst.  He puts forward some strong arguments against it.  However, looking at it from just the point of view of Brightling, the new proposals mean (in my personal opinion) that we would carry on much as we do now.

The Parish Council will be discussing these changes at our meeting on Monday 6th November 2017 (7:30 pm in the Village Hall).

You can form your own opinion – and submit your own comments – by visiting the boundary commission’s excellent website at   Once you have found the local area (by entering your postcode), you can see an interactive map.  Using the “boundary” button you can view any or all of the existing boundary; the old new proposals; and the new new proposals.  It is easier to do it than to explain it, frankly.

This is the last round of consultation.  The closing date for comments is 11 December 2017.  Once the commission has processed all the comments, it wil make its final recommendation to parliament.  Parliament can then either accept the recommendations in full or reject them entirely: they can’t fiddle with them.  From what I read in the newspapers and know of the current political situation, it is quite likely that parliament will reject the proposals, so one might feel that the exercise is pointless!  But it would be unwise to rely on that – who knows what will happen?

All the above is about the boundaries for the national parliamentary constituencies.  Boundaries for the various levels of local government are set by an entirely separate organization.