Parking in the Rother District

At the moment you can, within reason, park where you like on the roads in Battle, with little or no chance of being fined. Parking enforcement is the responsibility of the police, who make no secret of the fact that they do not have the time and will not be doing it. You will only be in trouble if you park somewhere that is actually dangerous, or on private land.

The consequences of this lack of enforcement have been an issue for many years. A working party of Rother District Council is now looking into the idea of moving to “Civil Parking Enforcement.” No decisions have yet been made, but the sort of thing that might happen is that Rother would employ parking wardens and “pay and display” machines would be installed in places such as Battle High Street.

Our own district councillor, John Barnes MBE, is a member of the working group, called the “Civil Parking Enforcement Task and Finish Group.” I have scanned the minutes of their meeting on 5th October, and salient points to emerge are that the scheme would cost £560,000 to set up and £607,000 per year to run. It would not produce a profit (“operational surplus”) until year 4 of operation.

There is to be a meeting of “stakeholders” on 29th November to discuss the ideas, but I think that stakeholders does not mean members of the public but just organizations that are deemed to have an interest. You can of course lobby John Barnes with your views. Full information can be found at